FaabMCS is a TRUE system that can be used Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow


    How FaabMCS Works

    STEP 1

    Sign up for FaabMCS account. Sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial or choose an appropriate package.

    STEP 2

    Upload a product feed. This could be Google Product feed, Affiliate Feed or a feed created specifically for FaabMCS. Please note each marketplaces have their own individual requirements. For e.g. Amazon requires "Barcode" also know as EAN or UPC.

    You may upload product feed from your Desktop, or automate the product updation by providing us with a Product Feed URL.

    If you do not have any product feeds, than you can either "IMPORT" products from marketplaces, or add new products individually.

    STEP 3

    Map your Product feed header with our marketplace headers.

    STEP 4

    Link your marketplace with FaabMCS. This is simple as clicking on the Marketplace logo and following the instruction. This link up is of great importance as it provides FaabMCS power to communicate all changes with the marketplace and your customers.

    STEP 5

    Edit products, Prices, Enable / Disable Brand, Categories or Products

    STEP 6

    Well there is no STEP 6. As long as you have product information and are able to upload the data on to the FAABMCS than you are half way there.


    We at Faab take deep interests in ensuring all our customers set-up is painless. If you need that little extra help or support or want us to set your account up than feel free to drop us a line or contact us. We do not charge for any set-up process that we carry out on behalf of our customers.



    From our vast e-commerce experience we know that there is a real person behind Every Transaction, Every Orders. Faab Multi Channel system makes it easier for retailers Worldwide to build their brand and put their brand in front of this buying public by cutting out the clutter (duplicate admin work) for multiple marketplaces.

    Faab Multi Channel has been developed by experienced team who have gone through the pain of selling on Multiple Marketplaces such as YOU.

    Manage Multiple Product feeds, Multiple supplier Inventory feeds, managing multiple marketplaces, order management, shipping management, feedback management, communication management and more.

    It is a "Simple", "Dumbproof" Multi Marketplace Solution.


    We support you fully even for FREE package.Sign Up Now