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    Manage Worldwide Marketplaces for True Multi-Channel E-commerce Retailing


    Solutions Management

    Product Management 100%
    Price Management 100%
    Inventory Management 100%
    Order Management 100%
    Shipping Management 100%

    Marketplace Management

    Amazon Marketplace Management 90%
    EBay Marketplace Management 70%
    Rakuten (Play, Rakuten.com) Marketplace Management 95%
    Pixmania Marketplace Management 90%
    Sears, Bonanza Marketplace Management 80%

    Exclusive Modules in FaabMCS

    • Schedule multiple Product Feed and Inventory Feeds
    • View Top Selling Products and Categories across all Marketplaces on a single screen.
    • Bulk update prices for Whole Catalogue, Category, Brand, Individually or by setting rules with few clicks.
    • Automatic Identification of miss-match ASIN's on Amazon
    • Sell your product listings against multiple ASIN's
    • Manage settings in Bulk for EBay Category, Feedback, Shipping, Payment and Listing Duration
    • and many more



    Fabulous Dashboard


    Faab Multi Channel is a SaaS ecommerce system. A complete package to manage all your popular marketplaces.

    With FaabMCS you can manage multi marketplaces and is ideal for any small or medium sized enterprise (SME) that manufactures, retails, resells, wholesales or distributes a physical product on Amazon, EBay, Play, Rakuten, Sears, Bonanza, Pixmania and many more Worldwide marketplaces.



    Uploading Products


    Marketplaces such as Amazon, EBay, Play, Rakuten, Sears, Pixmania and Bonanza are becoming vital channels to market and sell the products. Most businesses have yet to harness the power of Multi Channel retailing.

    FaabMCS facilitates this by enabling our merchants to integrate seamlessly with these marketplaces.

    A single product feed is all that’s required to power your Multi Channel – Multi Marketplace retailing



    Marketplace Management


    FaabMCS has been fully integrated with following Selling Channel Marketplaces

    Amazon | EBay | Play | Pixmania | Rakuten | Sears | Bonanza | Facebook - Social Media Management

    We are also working on over 30 other Worldwide Marketplaces. Watch this space - Future is Bright and Orange with FaabMCS.



    My Product Data


    How do you get your products quickly and efficiently to market?

    FaabMCS helps its merchants manage products, prices as per channels to maximise sales opportunities.

    Providing a quick simple edit is just not an option. We empower our merchants with tools that really drive their bottom lines.



    View Sales History


    A simple but a powerful tool created by FaabMCS to help our merchants.

    With "View Sales History" you can instantly view all the sales of that product in last 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

    Not just that but you can view sales across all selling Marketplaces through single screen, and view different product prices and their sales history too.



    Bulk Product Management


    Enabling and Disabling certain Products, Categories, Brands or by Supplier per marketplaces has never been easier.

    Our powerful tool in the background handles all the complicated instructions.

    For e.g. You are an Office Supply company selling Office Supplies and Office Furniture in UK. You want to branch out and sell into Europe. However you are worried about the costs of heavy goods such as Office Furniture.

    With FaabMCS this is a 5 second job. You enable or disable categories and brand as per Selling Channels. So Sell full range in UK and only sell Office Supplies (light Weight) into Europe.



    Increase your Margin


    What if we could empower you our merchants to make more money.

    What if we provided a tool to empower you to have different pricing for different channels to maximise your bottom line?

    Yes FaabMCS has just done that. You have the power to price products as per Selling channel marketplaces in bulk. You can price it by Category or by Brand in Bulk



    Order Management


    Order Manager. E-commerce Sales management.

    • Easily Import and identify orders as per Selling Channels.
    • Inform channels with order acknowledgement
    • Send orders directly to Suppliers (Drop Shipping)
    • Upload shipping Information to Selling Channels
    • Integrated with Metapack
    • RMA management
    • and more.



    Brand your Invoices


    Not all businesses use same business name across all channels. This may be due to Tax purpose or supplier restriction or other reasons.

    FaabMCS helps its merchants by letting them personalise each invoice as per selling channel branding. You can add your own logos and details as per Selling channels.

    End result when an order comes in, orders will be printed based on this setting ensuring you build your brand and there is consistency across your communication.

    Also Royal Mail PPI is integrated for UK Customers ensuring UK invoice will be printed with Royal Mail stamp saving you time and money.


    See the features to Manage Social Media on Autopilot



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