About Us?

We believe simple, uncomplicated, easy to manage system should help you run your business EFFORTLESSLY.
Well it’s not ALL about us, is it?
It’s ALL about you. It’s ALL about you choosing a multi-channel system that will assist you in managing your business, in 'freeing up' your valuable time: to buy better, to market better, to allow a system to do all the hard work. It’s about us providing you with a solution that will allow you to focus on customer service. A solution that doesn’t require any IT persons help. A solution that doesn't need an IT department to manage our system.
It’s an Easy Self Service System.
We have a clear sense of our purpose – to help individuals, to help businesses and companies to grow.
We do have a little story to tell you About Us.
Back in 1997, we launched our company Faab Solutions Ltd (Faab stands for the Founders family members Initials starting from Youngest to the Oldest member).

Back then, while we were still on 512KB of dial-up broadband, we started-off designing small websites for local companies. Knowing what we knew that Internet was the next big thing, in 2000 we grabbed the world wide opportunity when we started dealing with global companies and agencies - Worldwide.

To evolve and power on, we opened our Development office in India. Thus, this allowed us to further gain-global contracts from large and small design agencies, developing customised ecommerce solutions, yet maintaining our silent position as their valuable and trusted outsourcing partner.

Our talented experienced team in Ecommerce has been second to non. With our founders own vast experience and his direction in ecommerce development, we were able to recognise many of the problems today's e-retailers are facing. This motivated us to take this opportunity to develop a system which would help e-tailers to maximise their available opportunities.

With true knowledge and experience comes a solution. We power on to provide 'you' with robust solutions, that will provide 'you' with the controls that 'you' never had. Power to compete on multiple platforms is the next big thing.
So what are you going to do about it?